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Why Link Building is Important for Your Business

Categories: SEO, Tips & Tricks

Have you looked at the amount of inbound links on your website lately? Do you have good quality links that are relevant to your website and are trusted by Search Engines, or did you have to buy those links, and now Search Engines are treating them as spam? Link Building is an important part of SEO. Search Engines want websites to have relevant trust worthy links going to and from your website. The more quality links you have the more authority it gives your website, and the more authority your website has, the higher you will rank in a search engine.

Throughout 2011 and 2012, Google rolled out several Panda and Penguin updates that attacked spam filled links. These updates told the Google algorithm that these links had no authority and were worthless. A lot of people were performing black hat SEO and purchasing hundreds of links for a small amount of money. Then they tried to use those links to trick Google into thinking that a lot of other websites were linking to theirs, giving their website the appearance of having good authority and being trusted by other sites. This would cause Google to give them a higher page rank in the Search Engine. The new Panda and Penguin updates shut that down hard and fast causing many sites to lose their page rankings in Google, and giving the opportunity for sites that had good quality links, even though there may be fewer of them, a chance to rise in the page rankings.

It's important,even though it is time consuming, that you develop good quality links. One great thing you can do is request a link swap with another website. It offers you both free advertising, you will personally know its a good link, because you chose it, and it benefits both websites with the potential of receiving more web traffic and higher page rankings in a Search Engine.

A great way to do this is research other websites that have something in common with your website. For example, if you sell fishing equipment, you can find interesting websites that talk about where the best places to fish in your area are, or maybe they teach people how to use specific kinds of bait to catch certain fish. You can send them an email explaining that you would like to place their link on your website and have them place your link on theirs. You can do this whether you are selling a product, promoting a non-profit organization, or if you just like to blog. This can be an incredibly time consuming task, but in the end the results are worth it.

Search Engine's are constantly changing their parameters to help weed out spam, and give good quality websites a change in their page rankings. If you would like help with the SEO on your website and link building process, please read more at or call 918-337-2781.


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