Web Design and Development

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  • Theater Bartlesville

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    Theater Bartlesville

    • Content Management System
    • Content Development
    • Third Party System Integration

    Third Party System Integration - When a third party system is needed, we work with the provider to make the integration as seamless as possible. For Theater Bartlesville, a third party ticketing system was utilized. Copper Cup Images worked within that system to maintain a consistent a look and make the transition from one site to another virtually invisible to the end user.

  • Visit Bartlesville

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    Visit Bartlesville

    • Custom Home Page Management
    • Extended Calendar Features
    • Interactive Map

  • Bartlesville

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    Bartlesville Community Center

    • Bold visual entry points
    • Back-end management of graphical features
    • Content management system

    The redesign of the Bartlesville Community Center offered a fun chance to walk on the dramatic side of design. The BCC home page required the use of multiple feature boxes that are used to advertise productions at the BCC. Easy, visible links to the Box Office and exciting graphics were used to engage the user.

  • Nevus

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    Nevus Outreach

    • Custom user management system
    • E-commerce and donation capabilities
    • Database design with secure medical registry

    The Nevus Outreach Registry, an International Registry of large congenital melanocytic nevi and neurocutaneous melanocytosis (melanosis), is the only registry of its kind and provides a growing source of statistical information about this rare condition. This project is an important endeavor and the information gathered will hopefully lead to a better understanding of large nevi, improve doctors' management of them, and shed light on cures and treatments.

  • Kim Kayser, Realtor

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    Kim Kayser, Realtor

    • Third Party Integration
    • Custom search forms
    • Lead Capture

    Kim Kayser chose to use IDX Broker, a robust third-party system for handling MLS real estate listings. We integrated the IDX Broker system into Kim's website, in a seamless manner that is both beautiful and easy to use.

  • Mary Martha Outreach

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    Mary Martha Outreach

    • Integrated Donation Form
    • Manageable Calendar and News Items
    • Content Management System

    Mary Martha Outreach wanted a website that people would remember. While we focused on an exciting and visually stimulating site, as with all websites, we kept usability the top priority. With two main focus groups, MMO clients and MMO Supporters, we made sure that everyone who visits the site finds exactly what they are looking for, and hopefully a little something extra.

  • Bell Camper Sales

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    Bell Camper Sales

    • Inventory Management System
    • Responsive Design
    • Content Management System

    Bell Camper Sales wanted a website that would feature their campers in an engaging way and lead to higher sales. Copper Cup helped them achieve this goal by creating an attractive and easy-to-use website featuring our unique Online Inventory and Content Management Systems.

  • Sutton RV
    Airstream Site

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    Sutton RV - Airstream Site

    • Only Airstream website of its kind
    • Extensive back-end programming
    • Interactive informational site

    The Sutton Airstream website was created to allow users the opportunity to custom build an Airstream travel trailer with options and features of their choice. The site also includes the ability to compare any two Airstream travel trailers side-by-side, giving a wealth of information to potential Airstream customers. It is the only website in the world that gives Airstream customers this ability.

  • Downtown Bartlesville, Inc.

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    Downtown Bartlesville, Inc.

    • Easy-to-use Content Management
    • Manageable Calendar of Events
    • Manageable Business Directories
    • Responsive Design

    The features we built into the DBI website helps them easily and efficiently keep their website up-to-date, better serving the community.

  • DermaMedics Professional

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    DermaMedics Professional

    • Database design
    • Inventory management
    • Managed privilege levels

    The DermaMedics web site features a clean, elegant design on the surface, and many behind-the-scenes features that were custom-programmed just for this site. DermaMedics sales respond retailers can log into the website to view prices and make purchases, however, the users in the general public are directed to a map to find their nearest retailer. The team at DermaMedics can add new products and product lines as needed, and use the website to keep track of current inventory and track sales.

  • Green Country Village

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    Green Country Village

    • Content Management
    • Custom Calendar of Events

    Green Country Village requested a fresh, updated site design that reflects their desire to be known not just as a retirement home, but a place where seniors can have fun, relax, and truly enjoy retirement. One of the challenges of the GCV website is the Equal Housing requirements that mandate a specific percentage of handicap and minority individuals are represented. Copper Cup Images does regular audits of the site and makes necessary adjustments to make sure the website stays in compliance.

  • Pruning the Family Tree

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    Pruning the Family Tree website.

    Pruning the Family Tree

    • Responsive Mobile Design
    • Updated Content Management

    This website presented an opportunity to flex our creative muscles and try out some new design and programming techniques. The site is responsive, which means (among other things) that it adapts to the size of the viewing device or browser, making it mobile-ready. Pruning the Family Tree is an independent film directed by Copper Cup Images co-owner, Fritz Green. Based on and adapted from a play written by Bartlesville native Dan Gordon, Pruning the Family Tree was filmed here in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

  • Husky Portable Containment

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    Husky Portable Containment

    • Content Management System
    • Content development

    Husky Portable Containment requested a website that would be used to showcase their products in an appealing and exciting manner. With large graphical entry points and a user-friendly navigational structure, Husky's website has been a true revenue-generator.

  • Warner Sound
    & Video

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    Warner Sound & Video

    • Manageable portfolio
    • Integrated blog

    Two things that are important to most of our clients is to be able to reach out to their customers, and to show potential customers the quality of work they can do. Included in our custom-built content management system is an easy-to-use blog feature that allows users to post the very latest news and interesting happenings they would like to share with customers. And because our content management system is made to be flexible, additional features like portfolios and photo galleries are relatively simple additions.

  • Martha's Task

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    Martha's Task

    • E-Commerce and Online Donation
    • Responsive Mobile Design
    • Two Integrated Blogs

    Martha's Task is a local outreach that reaches out to women in poverty, teaches them to sew, and sells their handmade products for them in their giftshop. The website includes an online shop, which allows them to expand their customer base beyond Bartlesville as well as spread awareness in the community.

Web Services We Offer

This is a list of just some of the web services we offer. Need something you don't see on the list? Call us, chances are we can help you.

  • Web Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Database Design
  • eCommerce
  • Content Development
  • Custom Web Apps
  • Blogs
  • Calendars
  • Content Management Solutions
  • Web Development and Programming

Custom. Unique. Individual.
In other words, you.

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In all our years of business, we have yet to meet two clients who are identical. Every business is unique, and every business has unique needs for their website. We believe in giving you a unique product that is an extension of your business model. Something that is created just for you, not something you have to try to make yourself fit into.

Our designers have years of experience that allow them to create websites that are fundamentally well-built and user-friendly. But they also get bored easily and never want to do the same thing twice. You benefit from:

Success is in the Details

At Copper Cup Images, we know that site design is only a small part of achieving a successful web presence. For a website to be truly effective, focus must be placed on usability, search engine optimization, conversion goals, coding standards, and the extremely important task of effective presentation of valuable content. We are committed to getting every detail right, on the page and in every line of code under the hood – because we know that it makes a difference.

Content is King

That phrase was first heard in our industry many years ago, but it is just as true today as it was then. The quality and presentation of your website content determines the likelihood that your visitors will be satisfied, share your content with others, and complete conversion goals. We place an extra emphasis on achieving content quality, providing share options, and funneling users towards conversion goals during the development of a site.

Content Management

One of the most requested features on websites today is the ability for clients to easily update their own website. We have created our own Content Management System (CMS) to be a simple, elegant solution to updating your website… absolutely no programming skills needed.

Gel, seriously.

Gel is our base content management system (CMS), so named because we did not develop it to be an "out-of-the-box" solution as much as it's meant to be shaped and rebuilt to meet specific needs – a jumping-off point, so to speak, for truly custom websites.

Gel is intentionally simple, uncluttered and easy to use.

For us, Gel is a core tool that is easy to modify and adapt to meet any need.


Responsive Design

Copper Cup Images specializes in Responsive Web Design. All new sites are created using this design methodology that “responds” to the increasingly greater variety of screen sizes and shapes on the devices that are being used to browse the web.

With millions of mobile smart phones and tablets accessing the web, as well as increasing monitor sizes on computers and TVs, modern website designs must adapt to deliver consistent content on all of them.

Responsive Web Designs avoid penalizing website visitors with poor or non-functional design and/or limited content based on their browsing device.

Responsive Web Designs flex and rearrange themselves by design and are based on understanding and simplifying the user’s choices and effectively presenting those choices on each device, which ultimately increases usability on all devices.

How much does a website cost?

That is the number one question we get asked about website design. And it's not an easy question to answer. Asking how much "a website" costs is a lot like asking how much "a house" costs… it depends on what you need and want.

A website can be built like a modular home… from a template with little customization and no user-specific functionality. Or it can be built like a custom home, giving you the exact design and exact functionality you need.

We build websites that are like custom-built homes, and the price of each website depends on the size and the features needed. We create websites for non-profits and small businesses with limited budgets, and for larger companies that want all the "bells and whistles."

Call us, let us visit about exactly the kind of website you require, and we can create a quote around your needs. 918-337-2781