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Bartlesville Monthly, Bartlesville’s premier city magazine, has been serving the community for the better part of a decade, and we were thrilled when magazine owner and friend, Brian Engel, approached us about handling the graphic design and art direction of the publication, as well as their brand new website that we launched in 2020. With the largest circulation in Bartlesville, the community has come to expect top-notch graphics and design from this ever-growing magazine. In less than a year, bmonthly has grown to more than double in size, and we work closely with Keith and Christy McPhail, the Director of Sales & Marketing and Community Liaison, respectively, to make sure those trends continue.

Dozens of writers and photographers, sales reps, editors, and so many people in the community work tirelessly together to gather all the stories, photos and ads. Then we bring everything together into what so many area residents read each month.

We have the opportunity to help create the magazine that reflects the heartbeat of the community — from the color scheme and fonts to the pictures to the layout — and we put an immense amount of thought into the design. Bartlesville is our home, and the community deserves the best monthly city magazine you’ll find anywhere!

And now you can read Bartlesville Monthly online on their new website anytime! We created a website custom for bmonthly that features the current issue, all the upcoming events in Bartlesville and surrounding areas, where readers can access past issues of bmonthly anytime, and where they can host their annual contests with no 3rd party integrations!

If you’re needing a magazine, brochure, program booklet, or a tailored-to-you website designed, rest assured that Copper Cup Marketing can create a beautiful, engaging and professional publication for you. After the design work for bmonthly and other large projects we have done, we feel confident we can handle just about anything. We would love to help you make your next publication or event a success.

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Print and Web

We had the honor of helping bmonthly with their latest Print and Web project. If you're working on something similar, we'd love to work with you to help your business succeed. Check out the link below to learn more.

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